[Hamras - Dalan Jahan Boutique Hotel - COVER IMG] Dalan Jahan / Photographer: Mehdi Ghale beigi

Dalan Jahan Boutique Hotel

Firm LocationIsfahan, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Lead ArchitectMohammadreza Ghaneei, Ardesheer Ghaneei, Nariman Piraste
Design TeamProject manager:Nozar Pirasteh / design colleague: Ashkan Ghaneei, Farzad Pakdel / Graphic Designer: Nima Pirasteh / colleague:Melika mokhtari, Mahtab khosravi

The Design of the Dalan Jahan Boutique hotel began with the idea of spreading the culture of protection and restoration of historic buildings. A Qajar –Safavid era house on the verge of demolition, which restorated in traditional Safvid style by the consultant with the help of a group of heritage enthusiasts, today has become one of the most attractive places in the south of the Naqsh-e Jahan square. Designing was done by Being loyal to Persian style because this is the most adaptable way to Isfahan climate and culture.