[Bernardes Arquitetura - ASA House - COVER IMG] ASA House. Photo: Fernando Guerra

ASA House

Firm LocationSão Paulo, Brazil
CompanyBernardes Arquitetura
Lead ArchitectThiago Bernardes
Design TeamCamila Tariki, Antonia Bernardes, Francisco Abreu, Ilana Daylac, Paulo Martins, Victor Campos, Thiago Moretti, Bruno Magalhães, Fabiana Porto, Daniel Vannucchi, Juliana Biancardine, Renata Evaristo, Alberto Botafogo

Sitting on the top of a hill where a preexisting property was located, the Asa House or "wing" house, entirely rebuilt the relationship between site and building. The house creates a ‘harmoniously contrasting’ relationship between landscape and architecture through the articulation of partially underground spaces and emerging transparent volumes. The site’s topography was designed in order to maximize the use of existing semi-flat surfaces as outdoor living areas while fitting key functional, circulation and soil stabilization elements in-between retaining walls.