[Ido, Kenji Architectural Studio - House in Ota - COVER IMG] View from the southeast / Yohei Sasakura

House in Ota

Firm Location22, soneda, shimotsu-chou, kainan-shi, wakayama, Japan
CompanyIdo, Kenji Architectural Studio
Lead ArchitectKenji Ido

This is a wooden single-story house designed for a couple and their three children. A space reflecting the characteristic sawtooth shape of the exterior of the roof expands underneath it to create a series of sculpture-like spaces. The internal space expresses minimal details, and the broad ash floor, white walls, and ceiling are flooded with sunlight from the high windows. As the southing height of the sun changes with the seasons, the sunlight from the high windows bounces off the ceiling in winter to light the room like a reflector.