Ki no iE: The Home for Prader-Willi Syndrome

Firm LocationOkayama-Shi, Japan
Project locationAbashiri City, Hokkaido, JAPAN
CompanyOkayama University of Science
Lead ArchitectDaiu MABUCHI
Design TeamTsukasa Yorifuji, Okayama University of Science/ Toyofumi Niwa, Toshikatsu Niwa, Tokurou Tanaka, Takui Niwa, Niwa Co., Ltd.
ClientMasafumi Ino, Ryoko Ino, Masaki Ino

The "Ki no iE" is a small Home overlooking the Hat Rock in Abashiri given to a boy with Prader-Willi Syndrome. A growing appetite, developmental delay, and short stature commonly characterize the syndrome. We planned life in this home to become a natural diet and exercise regimen. For example, we designed a "hallway-integrated kitchen" that is always organized for others to see and a "variety of steps" and "bouldering wall" to encourage natural exercise in daily life. Also, the sight of the Ainu people praying on Hat Rock synchronizes with everyone's wish for a peaceful life at the entrance.