Casa Mateo

Firm LocationZihuatanejo, Mexico
Project locationPunta Garrobo, Zihuatanejo. Gro, México.
CompanyZozaya Arquitectos
Lead ArchitectDaniel Zozaya Valdes
Design TeamDaniel Zozaya, Enrique Zozaya, Saddam Otero, Jesus Lopez, Luis Alonso, José Antonio Vázquez, Ana Karen Cadena

Casa Mateo is a house in Punta Garrobo, Zihuatanejo, with views towards the Pacific Ocean and jungle landscape. Tours, water patio and terraces enhance relaxation and leisure. The hall features an outdoor staircase and a central courtyard with a mirror of water. The house has private and social spaces, with the master bedroom connecting to the infinity pool and ocean views. Local materials such as parota wood, apparent concrete, local stone and steel were used. Passive bioclimatic systems and green roofs reduce environmental impact. Sewage and gray treatment plant are in place for reuse.