[23o5 Studio - 140THL - COVER IMG] " Natural-light " / Hiroyuki Oki


Firm LocationHo Chi Minh, Viet Nam
Project locationPhu Nhuan District , Ho Chi Minh City , Viet Nam
Company23o5 Studio
Lead ArchitectNgo Viet Khanh Duy
Design TeamDoan Minh Phuc, Nguyen Van Hoang Phuc
ClientMr. Vinh

The house is located in the busy center of a district in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. From the big one-way street with lots of traffic and noise, we went into a small alley to approach the house - a typical image of Vietnam's urban. The surrounding background is consecutive townhouses and directly opposite each other, motorbikes and cars are parked in front of the house in a chaotic manner. To obtain privacy and tranquility in these surroundings, we placed a garden in front of the house-incorporating large windows, creating a curtain that combines trees and light.