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Taikang Community Gui Garden Community Center

Firm LocationBeijing, China
CompanyFangwei Architects+Sunlay Design
Lead ArchitectHe Wei, Zhang Hua
Design Team[Fangwei Architects] :Xu Lin, Yan Ran, Zhang Yihang, Piao Junxue, Xu Zhen, Tong Shangren, Wang Tao, Li Yuxi, Tang Junhan, Liu Xiaoya, Cui Jiahui [Sunlay Design]: Qiao Shawei, Zhao Yang
ClientTaikang Healthcare Investment Holdings Co.,Ltd.

Taikang Community Gui Garden is located in the city of Nanning, Guangxi, China . The Community Center is located at the core of the community. The design is inspired by the beautiful natural landscape of Guangxi,the form is abstractly derived from the local karst landform, resulting in a naturally architectural outline. It is a traditional Chinese ink painting scroll drawn by continuous eaves under which senior residents can feel the mountain and water landscape during rainy season in the South. In the meantime, the architecture itself has become part of the scenery.