[Mixtura - FFB CONVENT - COVER IMG] Cesare Querci


Firm LocationRome, Italy
Lead ArchitectCesare Querci, Maria Grazia Prencipe
Design TeamCesare Querci, Maria Grazia Prencipe, Guido Di Croce

The design is the result of a participatory process between architects and clients aimed at giving shape to an architectural organism that embodies the Franciscan charism, based on prayer and hospitality, while responding to the needs deriving from the tropical climate of Salvador. Planimetrically, the complex is structured around 5 green cloisters that allow the wind to circulate between the 6 buildings that make it up: a refectory, church, administration, library, sacristy and cells. Wooden sunshades protect buildings from solar radiation, while permeable walls keep spaces ventilated.