[Haute Architecture, DPC - Park Slope Penthouse - COVER IMG] Park Slope Penthouse/Haute Architecture (Photo by Allyson Lubow Photography)

Park Slope Penthouse

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Residential Interior
Firm LocationNew York City, United States
CompanyHaute Architecture, DPC
Lead ArchitectTorsten Schlauersbach

The project consisted of the alteration of a two-bedroom penthouse and roof terrace in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY. The layout was reconfigured to optimize usable space and bedrooms, whilst enabling fluid circulation and flexibility of use. A perimeter circulation path makes the linear apartment feel more spacious. The two main unique design elements are the multivalent sculptural central island whose different faces serve as a kitchen island, entry foyer bench, bar top, and dining table, as well as the floating metal stair with a skylight hatch which leads to the private roof terrace.