Interpretation Centre of Biodiversity and Pile Dwellings in the Ljubljana Marsh

Firm LocationLjubljana, Slovenia
CompanyAtelje Ostan Pavlin
Lead ArchitectAleksander Ostan and Nataša Pavlin
Design TeamJerko Gluščević, Urška Špeh and Nena Gabrovec
ClientMunicipality of Ig

The new Interpretation center was placed in the center of the small settlement of Ig, by densifying its disperse morphology but also creating a central public square and park. It sits among the existing public buildings and functions as an essential cohesive element between them. The volume is precisely fitted into the geometry of the existing context and its limitations. It is connected by a bridge to an old granary building that was saved and adaptively reused as part of the museum. The small project tackles cultural, educational, green aspects as well as renovation and design of open space.