[Impromptu Projects - BNU Bank Headquarters Main Branch Renovation - COVER IMG] Virgile Simon Bertrand

BNU Bank Headquarters Main Branch Renovation

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Other Interior Design
Firm LocationMacau S.A.R. - China, Macau
CompanyImpromptu Projects
Lead ArchitectJoao O, Rita Machado
Design TeamArchitecture Team: Madalena Saldanha, Alexandre Marquês, Paulo Capelo / E&M engineering: Tecproeng - Macau Engineering and Project Company Ltd / Audiovisual Design Consultant: Resonance Engineering Consultancy, Ltd.
ClientBanco Nacional Ultramarino (BNU)

This integrated design in which history meets the digital age is inspired by the emblematic BNU isotype, the iconic caravel, representative of the Portuguese spirit as adventurous with a multicultural approach. The current interior renovation of the main branch maintains its symbolic heritage, inspired by the traditional wooden hulls of caravels, now conveyed with white profiles to unite the whole lobby design and expand its spatial impact towards the existing skylight and bring the natural light back to the ground level.