Old House Museum

Firm LocationChengdu, China
Project locationAnhui Prov.,PR China
CompanyWang Wei Architect Atelier (WWAA)
Lead ArchitectWang Wei
Design TeamWei Wang , Qi Wang ,Wenjun Yue , Chaojie Gu ,Junping Li ,Hualu Ma ,Xin Meng ,Ming Zhu ,Chi Huang ,Shuya Zhang ,Yan Li ,Yunhan Wang.
ClientWan-Jian Village

The "Yang Family Old House Sound Museum" is a new rural public space transformed from a folk residential house with a history of over 500 years through the creative design of the architect. Since the building is under strict cultural relic protection, the architect's work is limited to create a new function through modern design and re-organizing of 99 rooms, yards, corridors and other public spaces. The "Sound" topic of the Museum is linked to the local distinctive Huangmei Opera, room spaces show rich local culture and regional characteristics related to Huangmei Opera through new design.