[CSD.DESIGN - Yue Bo Ban Shan Hotel in Tengchong - COVER IMG] Photographer: Wang Ting

Yue Bo Ban Shan Hotel in Tengchong

Firm LocationBeijing, China
Project locationTengchong, Yunnan, China
Lead ArchitectZhang Can
Design TeamLei Ting, Bai Yuesheng, Tang Ting, Zhou Xiaohui, Guo Yuting, Liu Wenjing, Deng Yu, Yang Yan, Tang Jun, Wang Liangfen, Mou Shasha
ClientYue Bo Ban Shan Hotel Management Co., Ltd.

With the theme of sun, romance, air, taste, and texture, the entire architecture, landscape, and interior design are led by designer Zhang Can. The hotel has the largest outdoor temperature-controlled swimming pool in Asia, and its entirety, including the moon-shaped pool, can be seen on the plane. The exterior design blends well with the surrounding buildings, using shades of beige and white. The interior mainly utilizes rustic micro-cement paint, artistic floral arrangements, and textured furniture. The hotel provides a wealth of facilities for guests to enjoy a unique resort experience.