[The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts & Vantree Design - Shenzhen Metro Line 16 - COVER IMG] UCD/ Vantree Design/ Matter Design

Shenzhen Metro Line 16

Firm LocationGuangzhou, China
CompanyThe Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts & Vantree Design
Lead ArchitectMuchuan Xu, Minxi Cai, Junjie Li, Guanbao Ye, Shangzhao Yang
Design TeamXiaofeng Li, Xingchen Song, Dongming Shen, Jiajun Yin
ClientShenzhen Metro

The Shenzhen Metro Line 16 connects the city centre with the North-East suburbs of Shenzhen, where the local villages and neighbourhoods are strongly influenced by Hakka cultures. By extending the concept of Sunshine+, designers put forth the concept of bringing nature, daylight, and social place making together with the idea of paying homage to the local Hakka Cultures. It is hoped that through the team's exploration and attempts, the project can become an icon of Shenzhen, representing the city's characters, historical context, and creative artistries.