[Studio Otto Felix - Barn House NAY - COVER IMG] photo-denilson machado

Barn House NAY

Firm LocationCampinas-Sp, Brazil
CompanyStudio Otto Felix
Lead ArchitectOtto Felix
Design TeamGiovanna Cino, Flavia Ganseli, Cesar Martini, Priscila Balbino, Tici Andriani

Located on an orange farm, this project came to life to meet the wishes of a family that also raises horses and collects art. The commission : a house that combined the rustic essence of the farm with modern and traditional elements. Thus, Barn House NAY was born, an architectural that enchants its contemporary lines, simplicity and tell the family history. Constructed using cross laminated timber, Along the 72 linear meters of the building, a single wooden structure is repeated, the facade is covered with shingle.