[AECOM  - One Pengrui - COVER IMG] One Pengrui redefines luxury living in Guangzhou, offering residents a unique sanctuary where nature, art, sustainability, and well-being harmoniously converge. / Photo Credit: Wei studio, Wei Liwei

One Pengrui

Firm LocationHong Kong, Hong Kong
Project locationGuangzhou, China
Lead ArchitectAECOM/ Thanida Rakvongthai
Design TeamYaping Chai, Jude Huang, Wayne Zeng, Terrence Li, Xingwei Chen, Huina Liu, Kan Srisawat, Josh Sangwanloy, Kurt Chan, Mayton Xu, Cong Ni, Hanting Xie, Sarah Doonan, Blake Sanborn, Wanjou Lin, Yifan Feng, Bingjian Liu
ClientParkland Group/Zhouwen Chen, Zhiyuan Zhang, Yuanyuan Liu, Lin Gui, Rong Tang

One Pengrui is a new landmark residential development poised to redefine luxury living along the riverfront of Guangzhou Finance City. It is inspired by the concept of "tempo giusto", an ideal balance between fast and slow, recognizing the need to live at the right tempo in our fast-paced modern lives. Working closely with the architects, we aim to create a retreat in the heart of the city. The landscape design features a multilevel layout of integrated spaces and contemplative landscape experiences that showcase the interconnected relationships between landscape, architecture, and people.