[AECOM Hong Kong - Wuhan MixC  - COVER IMG] The Wuhan MixC landscape brings people together, helps to define a place, integrates nature, and creates an environment that celebrates life.

Wuhan MixC

Firm LocationHong Kong, Hong Kong
Project locationWuhan, China
CompanyAECOM Hong Kong
Lead ArchitectAECOM
Design TeamDavid Jung, Thanida Green Rakvongthai, Ni Ni, Gary Cheng, Patsy Yang, Vorrarit Anantsorrarak, Maytinee Nakprasert, Yiu Lun Cheng
ClientChina Resources Co. Ltd. (CRLand)

The Wuhan MixC mixed-use development prioritized the design of a unique city landmark that reflects and celebrates Wuhan's quality of life, rich culture, and landscapes. The design utilized the artful brushwork of calligraphy and the diverse colors and textures of the landscape to create the conceptual framework that drives the creation of the forms, spaces, and textures of the landscape design. The entire site is organized to build on a new urban identity with distinct and active programming, important landscape and architectural nodes, and lush, vibrant planting areas.