ERA-Earthworm refuge apartment

Project locationNew Taipei,Taiwan 
University/SchoolMing Chi University of Technology
Lead ArchitectWen-Shin Zeng
Design TeamWen-Shin,Zeng / Yin-Chi,Liu / WEN-YEH,SHIAO LIN v/ YI-SHAN,ZHENG / Prof. Li Kai-Chu

ERA provides shelter for earthworms. The earthworm population has decreased in recent years. As much as 40 percent of farmland does not have enough earthworms. The ERA could provide a temporary shelter for earthworms. During farming, waste such as kitchen waste and fallen leaves will be put into the ERA to attract earthworms through their foraging habits. After a planting cycle, the soil containing earthworm waste and kitchen waste in the ERA can be used as fertilizer to restore soil nutrients and maintain soil nutrients when fallow or turning the soil.