[Conex Studio - Beris Eco-camp - COVER IMG] All Credit reserve for Mohammad Aref ghorbani and Mohammad Erfan Eslami Sabet

Beris Eco-camp

CompanyConex Studio
University/SchoolArt university of Tabriz
Lead ArchitectMohammad Erfan Eslami Sabet,Mohammad Aref Ghorbani
Design TeamSeyed Amirhossein Mirmoeini

Beris is one of the eastern cities in Sistan Baluchistan, Iran. It has a huge history and wonderful nature including sea, ocean, desert, mountain, and etc. But this nature is tough nature. high temperature and the famous wind always was a big problem for people. Our project is an Eco-Camp in Beris which trying to improve this situation by looking at ancient Sistan architecture. This Eco-Camp provides good quality accommodation for different travelers including hitchhikers and due to this Eco-Camp, we want to improve the economic condition of their people.