[过半儿 guò bàn er - 过半儿 guò bàn er  - COVER IMG] Sun Min and Christian Taeubert. Founders of 过半儿 guò bàn er

过半儿 guò bàn er

Company SizeSmall
Firm LocationBeijing, China
Company过半儿 guò bàn er

Welcome to guò bàn er! Design, fashion, life. We are curious about the future, so we look further. We create simple and practical solutions that are beautiful. We focus passionately on the issues of renewal and making. guò bàn er is an award-winning design agency specializing in architecture, interiors, event design, and fashion. While collaborating with our clients, we enjoy curiosity and originality to deliver positive project outcomes. "Reshaping the value of the existing and defining the usefulness of the new is our approach to everything from sustainability to social values.”