[Fu Yi Cheng - Submerged Stories: 30-Meter homeland Time Capsule - COVER IMG] The Three Memorial Installations of Submerged Homeland

Submerged Stories: 30-Meter homeland Time Capsule

Project locationLiyutan Reservoir, Miaoli, Taiwan
University/SchoolNational united university
Lead ArchitectFu Yi Cheng

Underneath the Liyutan Lake Reservoir hides a history, blending the Hakka ethnic group, Japanese settlers, the Pazih tribe, the Atayal tribe. There were once tales of struggle, loss, hope, orchards, and homeland. However, the reservoir project brought it all to a halt. Now, what remains is the Water-level-fluctuation zone with a 30-meter drop. Here, the mist, wind, and the rise and fall of water create a rhythmical narrative space. Three zones echo land development stages by offering diverse uses. They revitalize the stagnant villages, commemorating the native land and preserving this story.