[ARCH 509 - Reptilian Pavilion - COVER IMG] The Reptilian Pavilion utilizes repurposed aluminum street signs to create a colorful shade structure at the Kansas Children's Discovery Center.

Reptilian Pavilion

CompanyARCH 509
University/SchoolUniversity of Kansas
Lead ArchitectKeith Van de Riet (Studio Instructor)
Design TeamARCH 509 Studio
ClientKansas Children's Discovery Center

The Reptilian Pavilion at the Kansas Children’s Discovery Center offers visitors a place of refuge from the summer sun while spending time in the outdoor playscape. Designed and built by third-year architecture students over multiple pandemic-impacted semesters, the pavilion is a galvanized steel structure with repurposed aluminum street signs that create bands of color and opportunities for discovery as children find street sign graphics in the mural. On the underside, colors reflect between the curved aluminum tiles and create a glowing iridescent effect as sunlight changes through the day.