[ARCH 509 - Pollinator Pavilion - COVER IMG] The Pollinator Pavilion sits adjacent to the Kansas Children's Discovery Center as a gateway to trails in a restored prairie landscape

Pollinator Pavilion

CompanyARCH 509
University/SchoolUniversity of Kansas Architecture
Lead ArchitectKeith Van de Riet (Studio Instructor)
Design TeamStudents: Ashlyn Caldwell, Landon Dinkel, Katie Drummond, Cole Erlemeier, Cameron Ernst, Emily Flachs, Tianyi Han, Hanna Hissa, Emme Schatz, Yuchuan Shi, Sophey Shutt, David Tauser, Sponsors: KBS Constructors Inc, McClure Engineering, AZZ Galvanizing, HME Inc, Kansas Sand and Concrete, Foley Equipment, House of Rock Landscape Supply and Building Stone, Fastenal
ClientKansas Children's Discovery Center

Designed and built by students at the University of Kansas, this structure acts as a gateway to a prairie landscape at the Kansas Children's Discovery Center in Topeka, Kansas. The design of the structure stems from the Kansas state bird, the Western Meadowlark, and other pollinator species native to Kansas prairies. The incorporation of these elements offers an interactive and educational experience in an environment that caters to the imagination and curiosity of children. To withstand prescribed burns of the prairie, the pavilion is composed of galvanized steel with powder coated accents.