[Wei-Ting Jiang - MIT Platform - COVER IMG] The MIT platform is specifically designed to treat infants with diaper rash and diarrhea.

MIT Platform

University/SchoolMing Chi University of Technology / National Taipei University of Education
Lead ArchitectWei-Ting Jiang
Design TeamWei-Ting Jiang, You-Ruei Chen, Yun-Jhen Wu, Pei-Tzu Liao, Prof. Kai-Chu Li

The MIT Platform is specifically designed for treating diaper rash and diarrhea in infants. It replaces traditional infrared therapy with an antibacterial glass baby basin and an upward-facing infrared light, allowing the baby to lie down and avoid chest pressure. A mirror is placed below for caregivers to easily observe the baby's buttocks. For diarrhea care, stool can be directly collected in the basin. Additionally, the design can be modified through interchangeable modules, used for blue light therapy for jaundice or providing warmth after bathing, making it highly versatile.