[Chien Yu-Chieh - Do Do Desk - COVER IMG] By Chien Yu-Chieh

Do Do Desk

University/SchoolMing Chi University of Technology
Lead ArchitectChien Yu-Chieh
Design TeamChien Yu-Chieh, Chou Yueh-Ju, Sun Yu-Chieh, Chang Yen, Prof. Li Kai-Chu

Do Do Desk transforms the old and damaged desks and chairs on campus by hollowing out the table boards, remanufacturing the boards with crushed materials, and combining them with bamboo fiber planting boxes to form a planting table, providing children with natural teaching to grow vegetables and raise insects. Do Do Desk allows children and disabilities to observe the growth of animals and plants, cultivate biological knowledge, and train observation skills; they can also experience planting, understand food sources, and cultivate respect and gratitude for food, producers, and the environment.