[Nimkat Studio - Dermatology Clinic  - COVER IMG] Baftar Dermatology Clinic / @Farzad Bagherzadeh

Dermatology Clinic

LocationToronto, Canada
StudioNimkat Studio
PhotographerFarzad Bagherzadeh

This distinctive dermatology clinic is located in the Jordan district of Tehran, IRAN. It was designed by AsNow Studio (Ehsan Tavassoli & Solmaz Tatari) and categorizes as an healthcare interior project. The photography lasted one day and the following night.  It was important to capture the coexistence between two types of zones. A rough, patterned space as the reception area and a smooth, skin colored space as the medical care area. The designers were concerned about showing the rough surface underneath the fence and the skin tones. Thanks to Ghazaleh Yazdanparast Tehrani on this Project.