[Anamaria Chediak Photography - Memories through the liquid desert waves - COVER IMG] ©AnamariaChediak

Memories through the liquid desert waves

LocationQuito, Ecuador
StudioAnamaria Chediak Photography
PhotographerAnamaria Chediak

Where there was once life and chatter and colour, now there’s silence and sand, Doors open with no purpose and windows hang on their hinges, glassless. These silent vestiges resonate with stories, memories and questions… Nature has taken back what was hers. The desert is merciless, irrepressible. It flows through everything, in waves that seem almost liquid. This image is composed of different shots. The creative process of (re)composing is reminiscent of how we arrange memories in our minds. Memories are fleeting and fickle. We remake our pasts in the same way I have remade these images.