PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Conceptual Architecture
Firm LocationVarna, Bulgaria
Project locationVarna, Bulgaria
Lead ArchitectSvetoslav Stanislavov
Design TeamDimitar Katsarov, Iva Kostova, Hristo Dushev, Petar Nikolov, Borislav Stanchev, Georgi Pasev, Vladimir Kavaev, Debora Dimitrova, Sanya Kovacheva, Georgi Beshirov, Mirela Teofanova, Marina Madzharova

The project is designed to bring a sense of organicity - from the concept, through its symbiosis with rich vegetation to the porous structure of white exposed concrete. Gabata is one of the few buildings in contemporary construction era in Bulgaria, whose visible part of the facades is made entirely of white exposed concrete. The decorative trees along the facade adds a sense of life and puts the finishing touches on the architectural work. The building has 12 floors and each floor has a 360-degree terrace that allows to the occupants to enjoy the beautiful views of the sea and the city.