[Yanniotis & Associates | Architects & Consulting Engineers  - Chiesa Diruta Concert Hall and Municipal Library - COVER IMG] Foyer View, Vassilis Symeonidis, Architect NTUA

Chiesa Diruta Concert Hall and Municipal Library

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Restoration & Renovation
Firm LocationAthens, Greece
CompanyYanniotis & Associates | Architects & Consulting Engineers
Lead ArchitectConstantinos Yanniotis
Design TeamKonstantinos Xanthopoulos, Architect NTUA

Chiesa Diruta is a proposal for the transformation of a Renaissance church located at Grottole-Italy into a vibrant Cultural Center consisting of a Concert Hall and a Municipal Library. The Concert Hall volume floats above the Foyer, thus freeing the space underneath in order to allow people to visit the monument and enjoy the view over the Basento river valley. The Municipal Library, accessible from the opposite side of the monument, is a hospitable space that develops in two levels. Both usages enhanced through gentle design gestures, create a unique landmark for the entire region.