[Mathew and Ghosh Architects - Bison Light  - COVER IMG] Photo credit : Soumitro Ghosh

Bison Light

PrizeHonorable Mention in Products / Illumination
LocationBengaluru , India
CompanyMathew and Ghosh Architects
Lead DesignerSoumitro Ghosh
Design TeamSahana M Bhat

In the wild grass landscape of the home at the foothills of a tea estate close encounters with bison hordes is frequent. Like the imagination and sensation of forbidden desire, the Bison Light fixture makes itself home suspended over the dining table. - a one off piece designed for the home. It is hung over the place for dining looking onto the tea estate through the large, framed window opening. It hangs in the barn like space that makes up the living and social indoor space, for the fiction writer and discerning art collector.