[Construction Specialties - Acrovyn Curved Door - COVER IMG] Acrovyn Curved Door

Acrovyn Curved Door

PrizeHonorable Mention in Products / Windows, Doors & Hardware
LocationLancaster, United States
CompanyConstruction Specialties
Lead DesignerPerkins & Will

Construction Specialties engineered the Acrovyn Curved Door to follow radius walls and have the durability to handle the traffic, abrasion and cleaning cycles typical of healthcare or commercial settings. In hospitals, where the nurse is responsible for multiple patients at once, a radiused wall lets the nurse visually check on patients, rather than walk into each room. Featuring ultra-durable Acrovyn on the exterior and additional ribbing and supports within, Curved Door slides along the wall so that it doesn't inhibit sightlines or require clearance into the room, which in turn saves space.