[REPUBLIC OF II BY IV  - Bonbon Collection - COVER IMG] Bonbon Collection by REPUBLIC OF II BY IV and Yo2

Bonbon Collection

PrizeHonorable Mention in Products / Furnishing
LocationToronto, Canada
Lead DesignerKeith Rushbrook and Dan Menchions

Bonbon is a daring and captivating rug collection. With larger-than-life candy wrapper motifs, it transports viewers to celebratory moments. Exceptional quality and craftsmanship bring the design to life, pushing boundaries with illusions and vibrant colors that evokes nostalgia, inspires conversation, and delight. This collection defies commercial convention with its soft, plush texture and contemporary design, setting a new standard for printed carpets. Bonbon is a testament to creativity, excellence, and sustainability, solidifying its legacy as an icon of creativity and excellence.