Box XL Houses

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture
Firm LocationGuimarães, Portugal
CompanyGrupo Zegnea
Lead ArchitectHugo Lobo, Eugénio Ribeiro
Design TeamAntónio Póvoas, Diogo Rodrigues, Mariana Rodrigues, Duarte Ramos, Sandra Sanroque, Rita Poças

The Box XL Houses is a seven houses development arranged in a diverse way. The aim was to achieve a balance between the “mass” and the “void” so that these two antagonistic realities would form a peaceful and continuous dialogue. The house design is practical at one level, the spaces naturally adapt a functional program. The choice of materials that compose the interior space, was studied in order to evidence the fluidity of the space. Externally it seeks a succession of pure volumes, with raw materials, counterpointing to the green spaces and natural elements creating a new landscape.