[Chωros Sifakis Architects  - Orosimo  - COVER IMG] Exterior view of the villa's entrance


PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture - Single Family
Firm LocationAthens, Greece
Project locationSerifos island, Greece
CompanyChωros Sifakis Architects
Lead ArchitectMarilena Sifaki
Design TeamKaterina Passa, Katerina Sifaki, Panagiotis Hatzipanagiotis

“Orosimo” embodies an everlasting take on Mediterranean design for the creation of a summer villa, featuring a guest house that can be either independent or unified with the main living space. Located in Serifos island, our project aims for a minimalistic design approach that integrates the villa in its landscape. Orosimo in Greek stands for landmark, with this in mind, we created a contemporary design that looks forward into the future while exuding an aura of the past, offering a tribute to the island’s mining days, through its form and locally sourced materials (e.g. rammed earth, stone).