[Ventura + Partners - Casa Chantre - COVER IMG] Casa Chantre/António Teixeira

Casa Chantre

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture
Firm LocationPorto, Portugal
Project locationMaia, Portugal
CompanyVentura + Partners
Lead ArchitectManuel Ventura

Chantre is a house characterized by the paths fluidity and the harmonious and symbiotic relationships between the building and the garden, presenting various possible appropriations of the house in relation to the land. The street finishes in the house in an apotheotic way, which is reinforced by a monumental entrance with a modern approach. Strongly geometric, the volumes are articulated from the entrance cylinder, as if it were a patella. Through a dance between shapes, lines, alignment and walls, the house perfectly articulates old and modern elements, in a poetry of references.