Nursing home Vuisternes-devant-Romont

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Healthcare Architecture
Firm LocationGeneva, Switzerland
Project locationVuisternens-devant-Romont, Switzerland
CompanyLRS Architectes SA
Lead ArchitectLaurent Lin, Alain Robbe, Rolf Seiler
Design TeamWilliam Jaulain, Bruno da Cruz, Paul Lechevallier, Mounir Ayoub, Miguel Fernandes, Guillaume Boussemart
ClientRéseau Santé de la Glâne

The public area of the ground floor, which is accessible through a deeply set-back façade, is organised around an atrium and houses all common facilities. The east wing encompasses the most private facilities, including the chapel, a morgue and the administrative offices organised around a small inner courtyard. The six care units, counting 89 beds, fill a split structure on the top three levels. Their horizontal circulation surrounds the atrium and the inner courtyard, providing extensive promenades interspersed with different common areas and varied views over the Glâne.