Background photo: Joel Filipe

The AAP becomes Architecture MasterPrize

June 14, 2018

The AAP was originally assembled by Farmani Group with a core mission to advance the appreciation of quality architectural design worldwide, and it has come a long way in the 3 years since its inception. Its influence in the field of architecture has grown exponentially as thousands of architects from all over the world have entered their work. The greatest projects have been distinguished and awarded by the illustrious international jury, and garnered recognition from the global media for their innovative and groundbreaking designs.

We are thrilled with the way AAP has been received by the architectural community and beyond, and we believe that it is time for our name to reflect the global vision — to bring together the best and brightest in architectural design from all corners of the world and shine a spotlight on the greatest achievements.

Therefore, AAP has now been reborn as Architecture MasterPrize. We believe this name represents the mastery, excellence, creativity and innovation exhibited in all the visionary works that have been entered to win this prize from all over the world.

Architecture MasterPrize stands for the same core values that brought AAP to the global forefront in this arena:
– To advance the appreciation of quality architectural design around the world,
– To celebrate the greatest achievements in architecture, interior design and landscape design,
– To showcase the world-class talent and visionaries in these fields.

The MasterPrize recognizes those individuals and teams who push boundaries and set new standards; who turn the ordinary into the truly extraordinary and inspire others, today and for generations to come.

The 2018 program is open for entries now, register here.

The sister program of AMP is also launching soon, the INT Interior Design Awards, the most comprehensive international interior design award program.