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Testimonials from AAP Winners

“It was a big honour for us to take part on this Prize because the participation of architects of all over the world. We recieved lot of inquiries from architecture magazines,company-websites to give them informations about this Prize, which was most published. We became lot of interest by profesional public even by investment companies.”
Peter Cerno, Cerno+Architekten

“We decided to participate in AAP to expose our projects to the entire world. In Europe we’ve already got great response, but after winning an AAP award this enlarged dramatically! We will definitely participate in the following AAP’s again to take advantage of this amazing platform! Thanks to the AAP we could enlarge our network of architecture firms, enginieers, photographers and journalists a lot!”
Andreas Dirnberger, ARSP ZT

“We’re grateful for such a notable jury’s generosity. Awards like this allow us to face our practice with growing enthusiasm and with the safety of knowing that our effort to produce quality architecture is validated by eyes as aware, demanding and knowledgeable as the ones from the AAP panel. It fills us simultaneously with pride and humbleness.”
Tiago do Vale Architects, Tiago do Vale

“AAP has a truly diverse and globally established  panel of Judges of many we have great respect.”
Johnny Wong, FAK3

“We are honored to be part of the winners of the AAP 2016. The results show a great spectrum of high quality works that are highly respected in Europe and in the rest of the world. Please keep the quality level as high as you did now and keep choosing a great jury. We wish you all the best!”
Mark Aurel Wyss, Rossetti+Wyss Architects

“It was great pleasure for our office to take part in this new  architecture prize. We appreciated very much that AAP invite offices everywhere on the world to participate in this competition. We gladly accept the challenge to measure our work in comparison with international colleagues.”
Stephan Ferenczy, BEHF Corporate Architects

“As an international award the AAP guarantees a worldwide audience. It encourages clients to invest in high-quality architecture.”
Jens Wittfoht , Wittfoht architekten

“Great architecture deserves great praise! Awards such as AAP help to expose innovative architecture.”
Robert Garneau, Architecture Workshop PC

“Our team is humbled to be part of this amazing honor in recognition of the combined value and design we contributed to our client’s winning project. We are equally grateful for the exposure that AAP’s reach provides us and which helps us to move forward to our next clients”
Chris Mitchell, CEO, M+M Creative Studio

“I am truly happy to be part of AAP Community. There are numerous talented groups and finding ourselves and our project among them makes us proud of what we do in our Architecture. Please continue to promote world architecture quality by having your program being held for coming years.”
Amir Shouri, TaShALab

“AAP is well-konwn in China now, and the winning awards not only benefits our company in the fame, but also helps the city which the project in getting known by the whole country. Thanks to the AAP team, you really did a good job, in terms of the application process and many questions we asked.The team is really professional and patient enough.”
ECADI, Yini Jin

“I’m very happy and feel very privileged to participate and to be awarded with this wonderful prize.”
Seukhoonkim, Seuk Hoon Kim

“AAP highlighted the value that we brought to the project and the client, and confirmed that no mater the size, complexity, or type any project can advance architectural discussion. “
5468796 Architecture, Sasa Radulovic

“The AAP is a great platform for promoting contemporary architecture worldwide. The diversified nature of the entries proves it in the best way and this was one of the main reasons for participating in the awards. The outcome has definitely justified our decision to compete with some of the best practices in the industry. “
Studio Niko Kapa, Niko Kapa

“We are delighted to have been recognized by the AAP and to be counted in the company of the best in international architecture. Form4 Architecture values the impact of an insightful and experienced jury, and entered the AAP with the assurance that submissions would be judged with the utmost expertise.”
Form4 Architecture, John Marx

“The revolutionary progress that we are leaving now a days encourage us to be better every day. As architects of today, we have the responsibility to improve our work and to find different solutions to complex problems… By collaborating in events like the AAP help us to make easier this daily challenge…“
Broissin Architects, Pablo Morales

“By getting the Bronze Prize in INTERIOR DESIGN/Hospitality category, this has made us easier to explain to our future clients that our skills are above certain level. We can expect to facilitate the first communication with our clients. However, needless to say that ways of working styles have been changing daily and every project needs an appropriate approach. It’s so exciting in my future”
Doyle Collection co. ltd., Aiji Inoue

“We are very glad we were able to join AAP at the Cooper Hewitt Museum and meet with some of you in person. We had a great time, and we felt honored to be part of such amazingly talented group of professionals. We hope to join you next year. The AAP is doing a great service to the architectural community and the profession with its clear mission. Thank you!”
MetropolitanmomentuM, Pablo Osorio