The AAP Architecture Prize 2018 - Opening Soon!

Terms & Conditions

Who is eligible?

The AAP is open to anyone aged 18+ residing anywhere in the world. Professional entries will be judged against other professionals and student entries against other students.

Submission Guidelines

Entrants must submit their work online. For the AAP Design of the Year Award, supporting images must not exceed 2MB per file and be no more than 1000 pixels on the longest side. Images must be saved as JPEGs (.jpg, .jpeg) or PNGs (.png). You can also submit PDF files.

For the AAP Firm of the Year Award, entrants must submit one PDF (A4/Letter sized) including all relevant information with a maximum size of 10MB.

Who is considered professional?

Designers and architects who earn, or have earned, the majority of their income from design and architecture.

Entry Forms and Submissions

Please note that no entry will be processed unless the entry fee has been received. Work submitted without proper forms and payment will be disqualified. After payment has been made, entries cannot be altered.

Payments and Refunds

Entries can be withdrawn within 48 hours of submission. Please email team@architectureprize.com for assistance and additional information. When you request a full refund, your original transaction fee is credited back to you minus the payment processing fee.


You may enter your work in as many categories as you see fit. However, the AAP jury and staff will not switch your entry into a different category on your behalf.

Use and Ownership of Materials

Copyright and all other rights remain with the designer. Any images used by AAP shall carry the designer’s credit line. AAP may use images in any media sponsor publications. All entrants understand that any image submitted to the competition may be used by AAP for marketing and promotional purposes including in any medium such as exhibitions, print, and digital media directly related to the AAP competition though there may not be monetary compensation. By winning or placing in the competition, you are agreeing to be included in the annual Winners Book.

Neither AAP, affiliates, or partners assume any responsibility for materials submitted in violation of competition rules or for those which violate copyright regulations. AAP will investigate claims of copyright infringement to the best of its ability, and will remove and disqualify submissions that are clearly demonstrated to violate copyright and/or competition policies. AAP will act to maintain the integrity of the competition and its affiliated entities, but is not responsible for any damages resulting from images submitted in violation with rules and regulations.

The Selection Process – Design of the Year

After all submissions have been finalized, the AAP jury will begin the process of selecting the AAP OFFICIAL SELECTION. This first round selects the qualified entries and prepares them for jury voting. Each year, based on the points that the jury has assigned to each entry, participants can receive platinum, gold, silver or bronze certificate. Each category can have multiple platinum, gold, silver and bronze or none at all, depending on the jury rating.

One entry in each discipline (architectural, interior, and landscape design) will receive the AAP trophy. The jury votes on realized or conceptual entries based on form, function, and innovation.

All successful entrants will receive the AAP Winner’s logo, and are entitled to use it for commercial purposes to promote their winnings. Receiving an AAP award is not only a significant achievement in architecture, but also ensures that the award winners will receive promotional material to publicize their achievements.

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