PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Green architecture, Winner in Architectural Design / Small Architecture, Winner in Architectural Design / Social Housing
University/SchoolLa Salle Barcelona
Lead ArchitectIsrael Lara
Design TeamIsrael Lara

THE PROJECT PILLARS: Vernacular architecture, the housing problem, sustainability and an alternative construction system. Delivers an ideal controlled environment of tranquility and coexistence, designed as a welcoming landscape vegetation successive terraces that connect the houses, complies with the three dimensions of sustainability: Environmental, Economic, Social. SEACRETE AS MATERIAL: This is a vernacular process which using sea resources as raw materials by a chemical process creates a material constructive, is 20% lighter than concrete, without adding the structure. And three times more loading capacity. The construction material is recyclable and its modular construction system reduces 40% the time of construction. STRUCTURAL SCHEME: The whole structure consists of three modules (3x3m) formed by space steel. To facilitate transportation, the beams will be fragmented. The forged and the facades will comply with "seacrete" slabs attached to the supporting structure. The slabs forged will be dimensioned as 2 triangular pieces simply supported and connected. WERE ANALYZED: - Total weight - Ratio cost - Im. Energy - CO2 emission - Advantages and disadvantages - Swiftness performance OPERATING SYSTEM: The limestone slabs, these plaques work as been found to form walls and slabs of the project for distributing efforts towards the structure. (10 days construction time).