Exterior Architectural Photography of Westfield World Trade Center in monochrome

16 Breathtaking Photos in Exterior Architectural Photography

February 15, 2024

Architectural photography skillfully blends the precision of science with the creativity of art. Esteemed photographers worldwide have mastered the two main forms of this genre: exterior and interior architectural photography. This article, presented by Architecture Photography MasterPrize (APMP), showcases sixteen best of best works in the field of exterior architectural photography. Each photograph is not just a visual treat but a narrative of design and structure.

Understanding Architectural Photography

Architectural photography, at its core, is the art of capturing buildings and similar structures in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and accurate to the intentions of the architects. This genre is split into two types: exterior and interior. Exterior architectural photography focuses on the outside of buildings, showcasing their design, context, and environment, while interior architectural photography concentrates on the internal character, design, and ambiance of building spaces.

16 Best Projects in Exterior Architectural Photography

1. The Abrahamic Family House by Deed Studio UAE

Exterior Architecture Photography of the Year and Winner in Cultural Exterior

The Abrahamic Family House with a pedestrian passing by

This striking piece of modern architectural photography illustrates the harmony between culture and architecture. Deed Studio UAE has masterfully captured the essence of this project, highlighting its unique design that resonates with cultural significance.

2. The Kaktus Towers by Bodh Nielsen Fotografi

Winner in Residential Exterior

Exterior Architectural Photography of The Kaktus Towers' unique architecture

Bodh Nielsen Fotografi presents The Kaktus Towers, a prime illustration of how building photography can capture the essence of residential architecture. The photograph showcases a careful balance between the building’s form and its surrounding environment.

3. QUEENSCLIFF by Tim Griffith Photographer

Winner in Public Exterior

QUEENSCLIFF building beside the sea

This work by Tim Griffith is a testament to the power of exterior architectural photography in public spaces. QUEENSCLIFF emerges not just as a structure but as a piece of art, beautifully integrated into its setting.

4. Memorials of Others by Yuval Shiboli

Winner in Historic Exterior

Exterior Architectural Photography capturing the essence of Memorials of Others in black and white

Capturing history through the lens, Yuval Shiboli’s work on Memorials of Others is an evocative representation of historic architecture, bringing to life the stories and eras embedded in the structures.

5. Hesar’s Villa by Nimkat Studio

Winner in Residential Exterior

Hesar’s Villa exterior with infinity pool

In Hesar’s Villa, Nimkat Studio showcases the dynamic relationship between residential architecture and its landscape, offering a fresh perspective on cityscape photography.

6. Lanserhof Sylt by HGEsch Photography

Winner in Healthcare Exterior

Lanserhof Sylt situated on a hill

HGEsch Photography’s portrayal of Lanserhof Sylt goes beyond mere documentation, presenting the healthcare facility as a serene and healing space harmonized with nature.

7. Platform Innovation Centre & Parkade by Riley Snelling

Winner in Public Exterior

Platform Innovation Centre & Parkade in the evening light

Riley Snelling’s work on the Platform Innovation Centre & Parkade stands out as a vibrant example of architectural integration in public spaces, highlighting innovative design and functionality.

8. Architectural Detail 01 by Danica O. Kus Photography

Winner in Exterior Details

Architectural Detail 01 in black and white

Danica O. Kus’s attention to detail brings forth the dynamic aspects of architectural designs, demonstrating how even the smallest elements can be monumental.

9. WEILL by Tim Griffith Photographer

Winner in Educational Exterior

WEILL building viewed from across the street

In WEILL, Tim Griffith captures the essence of educational architecture, emphasizing its role in inspiring learning and creativity.

10. Westfield World Trade Center by Yuchen Huang Pictures

Winner in Cityscapes

Westfield World Trade Center in monochrome

Yuchen Huang’s depiction of the Westfield World Trade Center is an outstanding example of cityscape photography, merging architectural majesty with the energy of urban life.

11. Hong Kong Lines and Patterns by Jason Au Photography

Winner in Other Exterior

Geometric patterns in Hong Kong's architecture

Jason Au’s photography presents a striking contrast, capturing the structured lines and patterns of Hong Kong’s architecture in harmony with the lively, ever-moving rhythm of the city’s daily life.

12. Hungarian House of Music by P-ARCH Creative Studio Kft.

Winner in Public Exterior

Aerial view of the Hungarian House of Music and its surroundings

The Hungarian House of Music, captured by P-ARCH Creative Studio, is a celebration of cultural architecture, blending tradition with contemporary design.

13. San Blas Pier by Rafael Gamo Studio LLC

Winner in Public Exterior

San Blas Pier resembling a boat's exterior

Rafael Gamo’s photograph of San Blas Pier is a clear demonstration of how public spaces can be transformed into visual poetry through architectural photography.

14. Thirty 75 by Tim Griffith Photographer

Winner in Commercial Exterior

Exterior view of Thirty 75 next to a roadway

Tim Griffith’s Thirty 75 is a testament to the dynamic nature of commercial architecture, showcasing the building’s unique design and its impact on the urban landscape.

15. Langenhagen High School by HGEsch Photography

Winner in Educational Exterior

Front view of Langenhagen High School with students arriving

Langenhagen High School, as seen through the lens of HGEsch Photography, reflects the evolving nature of educational architecture and its role in shaping future generations.

16. Manulife Pods by Riley Snelling

Winner in Landscape / Urban Design

Manulife Pods nestled among trees

Concluding our list is Riley Snelling’s Manulife Pods, a masterful integration of landscape and urban design that redefines our interaction with public spaces.

Exterior Architectural Photography: A Celebration of Design and Structure

This collection of 16 breathtaking photos in Exterior Architectural Photography is not just a showcase of structures but a celebration of architectural art. Each photograph tells a story, captures a moment, and immortalizes the genius of design and structure. At Architecture Photography MasterPrize (APMP), we believe that these photographers are not just artists but historians, capturing the essence of our built environment for generations to come.

Captring More Than Structures

Projects such as The Abrahamic Family House by Deed Studio UAE showcases the ability of architectural photography to communicate more than the mere physical aspects of a building. It captures the cultural, historical, and emotional essence of their environments. Similarly, Hesar’s Villa by Nimkat Studio and Lanserhof Sylt by HGEsch Photography are examples of the relationship between architecture and its environment, with each image presenting a thoughtfully composed story of space and design.

Moreover, works like WEILL by Tim Griffith Photographer and the Westfield World Trade Center by Yuchen Huang Pictures remind us of the dynamic and ever-evolving skylines of our cities. These images don’t just document structures; they celebrate the human ingenuity and vision that bring these buildings to life.

Exterior Architectural Photography of Westfield World Trade Center in monochrome

In essence, the art of exterior architectural photography goes beyond mere documentation. It is about the exploration and interpretation of space, the celebration of design, and the chronicling of architectural evolution. These photographs, each a winner in their category, are not just snapshots of the present but are timeless pieces that will inspire and educate future generations about the beauty and complexity of our built environment.

As we look at these magnificent photos, we are reminded of the incredible talent and dedication of the photographers who have brought these structures to life through their lenses. Their work elevates exterior architectural photography from a mere profession to an art form, one that continues to evolve and inspire. At APMP, we are proud to showcase these masterpieces, each a vivid narrative of architectural excellence and creativity.