Elegant T.O Pendant light by Pablo Designs, a masterpiece in product design

Highlighting the Best in AMP Product Design

March 19, 2024

Introduction to Product Design Excellence

The Architecture MasterPrize (AMP) has long been celebrated for its commitment to raising the bar for architectural design around the world. However, it’s not just architecture that AMP highlights; the field of architectural product design also receives well-deserved attention. This year’s AMP product design winners showcase innovation, sustainability, and aesthetic brilliance, demonstrating the peak of design achievement. These awards serve not just as a testament to the designers’ creativity and skill but also as an inspiration for the global design community.

Highlighting the Best in Architectural Product Design

Product Design of the Year: 

Unburnt Circular Tile by loqa 

Unburnt Circular Tile by loqa, showcasing innovative sustainable product design
The Unburnt Circular Tile stands out for its sustainable approach and innovative design, rightly earning the title of Product Design of the Year. Crafted from 88%-93.5% recycled industrial waste, loqa’s Unburnt Circular Tile revolutionizes sustainable building materials. With its strong, water-efficient design, this tile not only diverts waste from landfills but also significantly lowers CO2 emissions during production.

Best of Best Winner in Furnishing: 

Castle Family by Zomorrodi and Associates

Castle Family's desk and a chair- a magical space for children.

Castle Family combines functionality with playful design elements, creating a furnishing solution that is both practical and visually engaging. This product redefines the boundaries of interior design, making it a deserving winner in its category.

Best of Best Winner in Illumination: 

T.O Pendant by Pablo Designs 

Elegant T.O Pendant light by Pablo Designs, a masterpiece in product design

The T.O Pendant elegantly balances art and functionality, featuring a light wand suspended by decorative belts for full 360-degree rotation. Its design versatility offers both task-oriented and ambient lighting, elevating any residential or workplace setting.

Winner in Furnishing:

Juliet Collection

The Juliet Collection, a sustainable and elegant seating design

Juliet fuses elegance with durability, presenting a seating collection that pays homage to the classic love story of Romeo and Juliet. Crafted with a commitment to sustainability, it features FSC-certified wood and incorporates eco-friendly practices. Its slim yet durable design, customizable options, and hand-finished details set new standards in furniture design, blending exceptional craftsmanship with thoughtful practicality.

Winner in Outdoor Products: 

Theory by Landscape Forms 

Theory outdoor furniture collection, blending art and utility in public spaces.

Theory marries sculpture with functionality, offering a modular transit furnishings system that inspires playfulness and discovery. Its non-prescriptive design encourages unique user interaction and creative expression in public spaces.

Winner in Kitchen Products: 

Rauvisio Ingrain by Rehau

RAUVISIO INGRAIN by REHAU, featuring a natural wood fiber laminate.

Rehau’s Rauvisio Ingrain brings sophistication and practicality to kitchen surfaces. This product exemplifies how material innovation can transform everyday spaces into works of art.

Winner in Finishes: 

Wilsonart® Traceless™ by Wilsonart

WILSONART® TRACELESS™ surface, embodying sophistication in product design.

Wilsonart’s TRACELESS™ collection redefines surface design with its ultra-matte, soft-to-the-touch finish. Ideal for high-traffic areas, it combines timeless style with advanced durability for both commercial and residential applications.

Honorable Mention in Windows, Doors & Hardware:

Acronym Curved Door by Construction Specialties

Acrovyn Curved Door, designed for efficiency and durability in healthcare settings.

The Acrovyn Curved Door is designed for durability and space efficiency in healthcare and commercial environments. Its innovative curved design aligns with radius walls, enhancing visibility and patient care without compromising space.

Honorable Mention in Sustainable Products: 

Eggo Chair GGO CHAIR by KIOSKedia

Eggo Chair, a sustainable seating solution inspired by nature.

Inspired by organic shapes, the Eggo Chair integrates sustainability and functionality with its bioplastic construction. Its unique product design offers both a comfortable seating option and a novel way to store and resume reading books.

Honorable Mention in Furnishing: 

Delicate Arches Shelf by Jenny Tseitlin 

Delicate Arches Shelf, merging architectural beauty with home decor

The Delicate Arches Shelf brings the architectural elegance of arches into the home with its finished metal design. This project aims to re-introduce the timeless beauty of arches into modern interiors, merging structural elegance with functionality.

The Impact of Product Design Recognition 

These AMP product design winners highlight the diversity and creativity embedded in the field of product design. Each winner, through their unique approach and commitment to design excellence, contributes to the broader narrative of innovation and sustainability in design. The recognition by AMP not only celebrates these achievements but also aligns with the vision of the sister award program Design MasterPrize (DMP). 

Like AMP, DMP is dedicated to promoting global excellence in design across various sectors, like product or graphic and communication design. By highlighting these winners, we also underscore the importance of design awards in nurturing a culture of innovation and excellence within the broader design community. The DMP, design award, serves as a platform for showcasing the transformative power of design, inviting product designers from around the world to share their vision and creativity.

Reflecting on Design Excellence 

The AMP product design winners of this year reflect the highest standards of design excellence. From sustainable innovations to technological advancements, these products stand as lighthouses of creativity and innovation. They not only serve their intended functional purposes but also contribute to the aesthetic and sustainable advancement of our global society. As we celebrate these achievements, we are reminded of the power of design to influence and transform our world.