A carefully arranged piano and armchair, symbolizing a metaphorical love story.

Top 18 Masterpieces in Interior Architectural Photography: A Visual Feast

February 15, 2024

Interior Architectural Photography: Capturing Essence and Functionality

Interior architectural photography is a specialized artistic field that goes beyond simply taking pictures of indoor spaces, aiming to capture the atmosphere, design, and creative style of interiors. This type of photography is crucial in displaying the architectural details of various spaces, from comfortable residential corners to impressive commercial environments. It’s not just about taking photos; it requires a deep understanding of the interaction between light and space, the balance of design elements, and the stories behind each setting. Photographers in this area need to have a keen attention to detail, a strong understanding of architectural concepts, and excellent photography skills to truly represent the core of interior design.

The Range of Spaces

Within the range of interior architectural photography, residential photography provides a look into private and cozy living spaces, showing the essence of homes in their various forms. Conversely, commercial photography highlights the lively and practical sides of business environments, from sleek office spaces to lively shopping areas, with each photo highlighting the distinct design and usefulness of these places. This diverse approach not only demonstrates the innovative ideas and creativity of architects and designers but also enhances the audience’s appreciation for the variety and beauty of architectural design in our surroundings.

Bridging the gap between art and architectural functionality, the following collection of photographs exemplifies the peak of interior architectural photography, each capturing more than just the physical space but the emotion and intention behind it.

18 Exceptional Interior Architectural Photographs

1. Abrahamic Family House by Victor Romero 

Interior Architecture Photography of the Year and Winner in Cultural Interior

Interior Architectural Photography of the Abrahamic Family House ceiling design

– A masterpiece capturing the cultural and spiritual significance of the space. 

This project skillfully shows how three different religious spaces can exist together in harmony. It highlights the detailed architecture and the deep meanings that each building represents.

2. Series Architectural Detail by Danica O. Kus Photography 

Winner in Interior Details

lack and white Interior Architectural Photography focusing on a unique staircase.
– An exquisite depiction of interior details.

This series beautifully captures the small, often overlooked details in interior design. It brings attention to the fine textures, patterns, and shapes that make these spaces elegant and complex.

3. 147 Work Station by Shawn Liu Studio

Winner in Cultural Interior


 Interior shot of the 147 Work Station presenting a diverse geometric space.

 – A cultural interior that speaks volumes through its design. 

This workspace is captured in a way that emphasizes its modern, dynamic environment, reflecting a combination of functionality and artistic expression.

4. Void by Yuval Shiboli 

Winner in Public Interior

Interior Architectural Photography captures the solemn Void's central torch-like memorial.

– Public interior photography that captures the essence of spaciousness. 

The ‘Void’ project showcases how empty space can be used in building design to create a strong visual effect, making the inside of the building seem larger and more open.

5. Stuttgart Main Station by HGEsch Photography 

Winner in Public Interior

Stuttgart Main Station captured during its construction phase, highlighting the evolving architectural form.

– A public interior masterpiece showcasing modern design. 

This project showcases the blend of old architectural styles with new design, showing how the station serves as a busy, up-to-date center for transportation.


Winner in Hospitality Interior

Interior of the Autograph Collection Hotel in Nanjing, transformed from an old cement plant.

– Hospitality interior photography at its finest. 

The images capture the luxurious and dynamic design of the hotel, reflecting its unique character and the cultural essence of Nanjing.

7. New Maximalism in Milan by Francesco Dolfo 

Winner in Residential Interior

Vibrant interior showcasing hyper color use in a Milan residence.

– A residential interior that redefines luxury and comfort. 

This project explores the concept of maximalism in interior design, showcasing a rich array of textures, colors, and patterns that create a vibrant and luxurious living space.

8. Harmonious Space by YEP BAO 

Winner in Cultural Interior

The central circular structure in a building symbolizing the unity between architecture and urban design.

– A cultural interior that is a symphony of design elements. 

The photography captures the seamless integration of traditional and modern design elements, creating a space that is both culturally significant and aesthetically pleasing.

9. Memories through the liquid desert waves by Anamaria Chediak Photography 

Winner in Interior Details

Artistic composition reminiscent of desert waves, capturing the fluidity of memories.

– Capturing interior details with a unique perspective. 

This project emphasizes the smooth and graceful aspects of design, similar to waves moving through a desert, drawing attention to the creative use of different materials and shapes.

10. Modern sacred places by Ryû JANVIER 

Winner in Historic Interior

Contemporary sacred space capturing the essence of modern aesthetic equality.

– Historic interior photography that tells a story. 

This project captures the feel of modern sacred places, mixing respect for history with modern design to create a peaceful and spiritual setting.

11. OLDERFLEET by Tim Griffith Photographer

Winner in Public Interior 

Interior view of the OLDERFLEET building, showcasing its integration within Melbourne's urban fabric.

– A public interior that combines history with modernity. 

This project displays the detailed work of restoring and updating an old building, focusing on the careful mix of keeping historical elements while adding modern features.

12. House ZGo by Lars Gruber Architekturfotografie 

Winner in Sustainable Interior

Interior of House ZGo, emphasizing sustainability and cost efficiency for a family of six.

– A sustainable interior that’s both efficient and aesthetically pleasing. 

This project is a clear example of environmentally friendly design, showcasing creative approaches that improve sustainability while still maintaining a stylish look.

13. Beeah Headquarters, Sharjah by Victor Romero

Winner in Other Interior

Inside the Beeah Headquarters by Zaha Hadid, showcasing sustainable design technology.

– An ‘other’ interior category, blending innovative design with functionality. 

The project captures the futuristic and sustainable design of Beeah Headquarters, reflecting its commitment to environmental excellence.

14. Papieri by Ramona Elena Balaban 

Winner in Residential Interior

Interior design transformation of Papieri, moving beyond industrial clichés.

– A residential interior that displays comfort and style. 

The project showcases the transformation of a former paper factory into a modern living space, combining industrial elements with contemporary design.

15. The Chemistry Between Armchair and Piano by Nimkat Studio 

Winner in Interior Products

Interior Architectural Photography of an intimate setting with a piano and armchair, evoking a narrative of harmony.

– Showcasing interior products in harmony. 

This project focuses on the relationship between furniture and space, highlighting how individual pieces can complement and transform an interior.

16. The Pocket Theatre by Ramona Elena Balaban 

Winner in Cultural Interior

 Inside view of The Pocket Theatre, showcasing its intimate and inviting design.

– A cultural interior that is both intimate and inviting. 

The project captures the unique design of a small theater, emphasizing its cozy atmosphere and the creative use of limited space.

17. MOL by HGEsch Photography 

Winner in Commercial Interior

Multi-floor interior view of the MOL building, emphasizing spacious design.

– Commercial interior photography that captures the essence of corporate style. 

This project shows the modern and lively character of a corporate space, displaying a design that encourages both productivity and creativity.

18. Dermatology Clinic by Nimkat Studio

Winner in Healthcare Interior

Interior of a dermatology clinic, focusing on minimalist design and patient comfort.

– A healthcare interior that combines functionality with serene aesthetics. 

The project focuses on creating a calming environment for patients, utilizing a minimalist design that is both modern and therapeutic.

Interior Architectural Photography: Capturing More Than Just Spaces

Interior architectural photography is about much more than just taking pictures of buildings. It’s a way to tell stories using images. Each photo is a window into a carefully designed world, where light, shapes, and textures all have a story to tell. This kind of photography doesn’t just show what a place looks like; it captures the feeling of the design, the culture around it, and the emotions that space can bring out.

The 18 photos, chosen by Architecture Photography MasterPrize (APMP), are great examples of this. They are not just proof of someone’s skill with a camera; they are beautiful expressions of building design. From the peaceful Abrahamic Family House to the modern Stuttgart Main Station, these photos show a wide range of building styles. Each one tells its own story, whether it’s the colorful energy of a home in Milan or the quiet calm of a dermatology clinic. Interior architectural photography shows us how different places can make us feel different things – from wonder in large public spaces to coziness in smaller, more private areas.

These 18 photos show what interior architectural photography is really about – a mix of creative vision, skill with a camera, and the ability to tell a story. They highlight the unseen beauty in buildings and invite us to look closer, to see the stories woven into these places. When we look at these photos, we’re not just seeing spaces; we’re experiencing the designs, cultures, and emotions captured in a single, special moment.