AMP Excellence: Showcasing Top 10 Architecture Firms in Toronto

March 19, 2024

Architecture firms in Toronto have firmly established the city as a shining example of architectural innovation and design excellence. With its skyline shaped by the creativity and vision of numerous architects, Toronto is home to ten firms that have distinguished themselves by earning the prestigious Architecture MasterPrize (AMP). This award celebrates architectural design and also highlights the significant contributions of these firms to the city’s landscape and beyond. This article explores the accomplishments of these celebrated architecture firms in Toronto, showcasing their influential projects and the impact they have made on urban design.

Architecture Firms in Toronto: Leaders of Design

The AMP recognizes not just the aesthetic appeal of structures but also their functionality, sustainability, and the positive impact they have on urban life. Toronto-based architectural firms, celebrated in this list, exemplify these principles, each bringing a unique vision to the forefront.


Firm: architects—Alliance
Winner in Conceptual Architecture

Centered view of the Don Mills Jamatkhana, showcasing innovative design by architecture firms in Toronto

Toronto Architectural Design

Under the guidance of lead architect Peter Clewes and his design team, architects—Alliance has redefined community spaces with the Don Mills Jamatkhana and Ismaili Community Centre. This project stands as a testament to the firm’s commitment to creating spaces that foster community interaction and spiritual growth. It marks the introduction of the first Ismaili prayer hall in Ontario, a significant milestone reflecting over fifty years of the Ismaili community’s presence in the Greater Toronto Area.


Firm: Superkül
Winner in Residential Architecture – Single Family

Birdhouse project by Superkül, blending seamlessly with the Canadian Shield

Urban Design Firms Toronto

Superkül, led by Meg Graham, takes inspiration from nature for the Birdhouse project, nestled in Apsley, Ontario. This architectural marvel blends seamlessly with its environment, featuring shou sugi ban charred cedar that echoes the tranquility of its surroundings. Birdhouse exemplifies Superkül’s prowess in crafting spaces that offer refuge and connection, emphasizing the firm’s role in elevating urban design through thoughtful integration with nature.


Firm: Omar Gandhi Architects
Winner in Residential Architecture – Single Family

The OG House in Halifax, a modern residence by Omar Gandhi Architects

Contemporary Architecture Toronto

Omar Gandhi Architects, with Omar Gandhi at the helm, has brought to life the OG House, a project that merges contemporary architecture with personal history and community spirit. Located in Halifax’s North End, the residence doubles as a testament to the firm’s ability to blend modern design with functional living spaces, all while contributing positively to the neighborhood’s fabric.


Firm: Diamond Schmitt
Winner in Cultural Architecture

The revitalized David Geffen Hall, a testament to the innovative design of architecture firms in Toronto.

Toronto Architectural Design

Diamond Schmitt has reimagined the iconic David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center, New York, infusing it with new life and vibrancy. This renovation project showcases the firm’s innovative approach to public spaces, creating a concert hall that enhances the acoustic experience and connects more deeply with audiences. The project underscores Diamond Schmitt’s expertise in architectural design that respects and revitalizes existing structures.


Firm: Dubbeldam Inc. Architecture + Design
Winner in Small Architecture

Bunkie on the Hill in Muskoka, showcasing Dubbeldam Architecture + Design's approach to cabin design

Contemporary Architecture Toronto

Among architecture firms in Toronto, Dubbeldam Inc. Architecture + Design stands out for its innovative approach to residential spaces, as exemplified by Bunkie on the Hill. This project, located in Muskoka, ON, serves as a contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional A-frame cabin. The design, led by Heather Dubbeldam, utilizes a split roof to introduce natural light and frame views of the natural landscape, proving the firm’s mastery in merging contemporary design with the rustic charm of Canadian wilderness.


Firm: Rdh Architects (RDHA)
Best of Best in Infrastructure

RDHA's design for the Scott Street Generator, integrating infrastructure with historical context.

Toronto Architectural Design

Rdh Architects (RDHA), another notable name among architecture firms in Toronto, has redefined functional infrastructure with the Scott Street Interlocking Signal Tower Generator. Led by Tyler Sharp, this project for Metrolinx demonstrates RDHA’s ability to integrate essential urban infrastructure seamlessly within the cityscape. The design respects the historical context of the Scott Street Interlocking Signal Tower while introducing a modern aesthetic, highlighting the firm’s expertise in balancing functionality with design excellence.


Firm: Hariri Pontarini Architects
Winner in Educational Buildings

The Nicol Building at Carleton University, highlighting the design prowess of Toronto's architecture firms

Urban Design Firms Toronto

Hariri Pontarini Architects has cemented its reputation within the vibrant landscape of architecture firms in Toronto through its transformative work on the Nicol Building at the Sprott School of Business, Carleton University. Guided by Siamak Hariri’s vision, the firm has developed a structure that champions openness and fluidity, encouraging a sense of belonging and interaction. Its design, marked by a transparent foundation and a sunlit central atrium, breathes life into the building, showcasing Hariri Pontarini Architects’ dedication to crafting spaces that nurture community and connectivity.


Firm: WZMH Architects
Winner in Transportation

33 Bloor East renovation, enhancing Toronto's urban landscape with innovative design.

Toronto Architectural Design

WZMH Architects, a key player among architecture firms in Toronto, redefines commercial and public spaces with the renovation of 33 Bloor East. This project, led by Andrea Tocchini, enhances the street presence of an existing office building, integrating it seamlessly with Toronto’s bustling Bloor Yonge subway station. The innovative use of a feature ceiling for natural wayfinding and the strategic framing of new retail units exemplify WZMH Architects’ skill in revitalizing urban spaces.


Firm: LAMAS Architecture Ltd
Winner in Residential Architecture – Single Family

The Virgin Vineyard House by LAMAS, a linear home for intergenerational living

Urban Design Firms Toronto

LAMAS Architecture Ltd adds to the diverse portfolio of architecture firms in Toronto with the Virgin Vineyard House, a haven for intergenerational living. This project highlights a linear design that optimizes views and communal living, while being mindful of the site’s natural topography. The commitment to using locally sourced materials and harmoniously blending the structure with its surroundings underlines LAMAS Architecture Ltd’s focus on sustainable and context-aware design.


Firm: Gow Hastings Architects
Winner in Institutional Architecture

Gow Hastings Architects' Student Centre at Laurentian University, fostering community and connectivity.

Contemporary Architecture Toronto

Gow Hastings Architects enriches the academic and communal life at Laurentian University with its Student Centre, marking a significant milestone in the university’s history. This project, co-led by Philip Hastings and Amber Salach, is a testament to the firm’s ability to create spaces that promote community and connectivity. Built on challenging topography, the Centre’s design thoughtfully engages with its natural surroundings, proving Gow Hastings Architects’ prowess in creating meaningful and lasting architectural landmarks.

Celebrating Architecture Firms in Toronto

The projects highlighted in this article exemplify the creativity, innovation, and commitment of architecture firms in Toronto. From enhancing community spaces to redefining urban infrastructure and educational environments, these firms contribute significantly to the architectural landscape of Toronto and beyond. Their achievements, recognized by the Architecture MasterPrize (AMP), underscore the city’s position as a hub of architectural excellence and innovation.