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Héctor Beade-Pereda

Héctor Beade-Pereda

Knight Architects / Head of Design

Head of Design at Knight Architects, Héctor Beade-Pereda is a bridge designer with a worldwide reputation.

Creating bridges that improve the quality of the built world has been Héctor Beade-Pereda’s foremost aim as a designer during his almost 20-year long career. In this time, he has been directly and meaningfully involved in every stage of the bridge project lifecycle, from conception to construction completion. He has spent periods working as a conceptual/structural bridge designer, project director or manager, structural engineer, supervising construction works on-site or giving support to contractors. This extensive expertise, combined with his commitment to beauty and excellence, interest in geometry, care for detail, and his academic background in structural engineering, has allowed him to be responsible for the conception of numerous bridges, many of them award-winning designs, that meet all the project requirements while simultaneously adopting an aesthetically, functionally and structurally holistic approach to design.

Héctor was awarded the extremely prestigious IABSE Prize 2016 in recognition of his holistic approach to bridge design. As a regular contributor to the bridge industry, he has written more than seventy articles and papers and participated as a speaker at numerous conferences and congresses.