Oscar Hernández

STVX Architects / Architect & Architectural Photographer and Filmmaker

Oscar Hernández (1990) is a young mexican Architect graduated from the Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes (UAA) in 2013. He also has been an Architectural Photographer and filmmaker since 2012, where he has contributed to the documentation and distribution of Mexican architecture around the world, obtaining numerous awards and publications, in different online editorial sites, books and printed magazines, both nationally and internationally. He has experience in the documentation of more than 450 projects, in Mexico, the United States and Spain. His approach to architecture, through his eyes and camera, brings together vast first-hand knowledge, through learning and a direct relationship with the creators of the spaces and the end users of each documented project. For Oscar, photography corresponds to his practice architectural as life itself; it’s his way particular to observe and perceive the spaces from of the acommunication found between the volumetry and the light. Among the main lines of attention for him is correctly interpretation of the scale, the materials, the context in conjunction with climate and function, in order to create narratives that speak to intentions and sensibilities who created the project, as well as the experience same of the user.

He is also Co-founder and co-director of STVX Architects, a firm focused on architectural design, real state development and urban projects based in Aguascalientes and Mexico City. They have been invited as teachers and workshop leaders at different national architecture conferences. In 2018, STVX + María Eizayaga + Emilio López won First Place at the Open International Competition for Alternate Layout Design in Standard Housing, organized by the Ministry of Construction Industry, Housing and Infrastructure of Russia in conjunction with the Unified Development Institution in the Housing Sector and the firm Strelka KB.