Marcelo von Schwartz

Manifesto / Architect, filmmaker, photographer, brandscaper

Marcelo von Schwartz studied architecture and filmmaking in Buenos Aires before moving to Barcelona, where he developed his career. In Barcelona he obtained a Master’s Degree in Advanced Studies in Architecture and collaborated in the design of singular buildings in Europe and Japan receiving several design awards. He combined his career as architect with the design of theater stages and teaching Production Design in films.

As his career progressed he founded MANIFESTO, a design office dedicated to research about brands and social trends and to offer innovative design solutions.

Dedicated to explore and create new immersive experiences, he firmly believes in the conjunction of different disciplines that he integrates trying to arrive to different senses simultaneously.

Originally focused on the research of new trends about living, leisure and consumption, his career developed to study and create designs for future ways of social interactions.

Currently based in Bangkok, he combines his architectural activities with the art photography, having been exhibited in Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Venice, Miami, New York, Bangkok and Tokyo among other cities.

With his company Manifesto is currently developing virtual architectures and innovative cultural, commercial and retail spaces for today and tomorrow’s world, obsessions that he carries from his childhood when he was totally addicted to science fiction books, comics and movies.