Vincenzo AMATO

Vincenzo Amato

Vincenzo Amato Architetto / Architect, Project Manager, BIM Specialist

Vincenzo Amato is an italian architect and urban designer with several years of experience in international projects for public and private clients. During his career he collaborated with archistars Zaha Hadid, Peter Eisenman and Philippe Samyn and held the roles of project director, project manager and supervising construction works. Each of his projects aims to create a unique relationship between people and architecture through a refined balance between clarity of functions and adequate geometries. Integration with the context, care of details, environmental sustainability, innovation and technological research are the elements that mix to design powerful and overtime architectures.

Winner of the PhD in Architectural Design at the “Luigi Vanvitelli” Faculty of Architecture of the “Università della Campania”, he is tutor in the workshops of the itinerant Master in “Architecture and Museum Design for Archeology” of the Accademia Adrianea di Architettura e Archeologia. 

Vincenzo is adjunct professor in support of Architectural Design courses at the Diarc (Dipartimento di Architettura) of the Federico II University of Naples. His work has appeared in various publications and his articles and critical contributions are included in some scientific publications.