Serhii Makhno

Sergey Makhno Architects / Founder & Architect

Serhii Makhno — architect, designer, ceramist, and collector — is the founder of Sergey Makhno Architects, a Kyiv-based studio of Ukrainian contemporary design, architecture, and ceramics. For already 17 years Serhii and his team have been dedicating their works to glorifying Ukrainian contemporary style to world recognition.

Serhii Makhno is fascinated by the Ukrainian ceramics, contemporary art, Japan and wabi-sabi philosophy. He was one of the first to turn his work towards Ukrainian culture, at that time neglected and not interesting to anyone. It was a journey of 20 years starting with exploring, denying, and finally understanding and homecoming. Today, Ukrainian design is gaining popularity around the world.

Since 2003, Sergey Makhno Architects has been creating projects intertwining Ukrainian traditions, world trends and the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, the forces of nature, human talent and architectural mind.

Awarded with prestigious international awards, such as the Red Dot Design Award, The International Property Awards, The Architecture MasterPrize, IDA Awards, Restaurant&Bar Design. Every day there are at least two articles about them written in the trendiest design media in the world: ELLE Decoration, ArchDaily, Design Milk, Dezeen.